Last weekend Jesse’s parents were in town visiting.  We had a lot of fun hanging out around Nashville and, of course, brunching.  We tried to take them to some of our favorite spots, but on their last day here we were looking for something quick and easy before they had to head to the airport.  It was a Memorial Day, a Monday, so we didn’t think brunch would be an option since it’s usually a weekend affair.  Luckily, we walked by Tavern in Midtown and they were serving brunch!


Jesse and I had been trying to go to Tavern for a while… we have showed up more than once just minutes after they open and have had to wait at least an hour.  It really is ridiculous how packed that place is.  It doesn’t help that they don’t take reservations.  So when we walked by and they looked open, we hurried in!


We sat on the covered patio which was nice.  It was an overcast morning, but the temperature was perfect.  We started with coffee’s all around…well almost.  Jesse ordered grapefruit juice, per usual.  Jesse and his dad both ordered the Benedict Three, a classic eggs benedict.  His dad mentioned several times throughout the weekend that brunch was his favorite meal.  Now I know where Jesse gets his taste! Like father, like son! They both seemed to thoroughly enjoy their choice.  Jesse’s mom ordered “The Nooner”–an omelet with big bacon pieces, topped with fried oysters and “white trash hash” on the side.  It looked good and she said it was tasty.  She noted that there were really big pieces of bacon in the omelet.  Lots of bacon is almost always a sign of a good dish!  I decided to go with the blueberry cornmeal waffle.  It was good, but not the best waffle I’ve ever had. I did like the whipped mascarpone topping–it added some sweetness to a waffle that was not as sweet as I normally like.  We also got a side of fruit for the table that was nice–I liked the variety of fruit they offered.


Overall it was a good brunch, but we were left wondering why it’s always so packed.  It’s definitely not the best brunch we’ve ever had in Nashville.  I’m glad we were able to try it but I won’t go back unless I’m willing to wait or I want to make use of their 2 for 1 brunch cocktail deal.

photo 2

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photo 3

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photo 1

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photo 4


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Overall grade: 3.5/5



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