Germantown Cafe

Jesse and I forced ourselves to get up early and make it over to Germantown Cafe last weekend.  I am so glad we did.  It was one of my favorite brunches we have had since we started the blog.

The first positive thing about the place–I really like the decor.  It’s not really extraordinary in any particular way, but the patterned tablecloths, dark walls, mirrors and mini-flower centerpieces are very pinterest-worthy and pleasing.  I was a fan.

Shortly after our waiter took our drink orders (raspberry lemonade and a mimosa) he brought out some “breakfast bread” which might be my favorite food ever.  They were like warm sugar donuts only better.  I’m not really sure why they were so good… They appeared to be simply dough covered in cinnamon and sugar with a berry-butter type of spread.  All I know is Jesse and I both ate two of them in under 5 minutes.  We contemplated saving our second one for last but I couldn’t wait.

Jesse ordered the Cajun benedict, an english muffin topped with steak, poached egg and a spicy cream sauce.  He got the side of pepperjack grits.  The plate was delicious.  I know because I stole multiple bites.  We both aren’t really fans of grits but I thought these pepperjack ones were better than most.   Jesse also ordered half a grapefruit on the side.  Jesse ordering fruit!? .. it happens. Not very often, but it happens. 😉

I ordered the Chef’s Omelet which was stuffed with pulled pork and cheese.  Kind of weird, right?  I had never thought to have pulled pork in an omelet.  Only in the south, I suppose.  It was really good.  Very filling–I couldn’t finish it all.  Though that may have something to do with consuming both pieces of breakfast bread earlier…  I opted for hash browns on the side.  They were more like home fries but still pretty good.  I’m not usually a fan of home fries but these were seasoned well and not overcooked.

I was expecting to like Germantown Cafe but I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was.  We don’t give out many of these, but well done, Germantown Cafe.  5 out of 5 eggs for you!

photo 1

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photo 2

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photo 5

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Overall grade: 5/5





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